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Cinquenta Tigre Real (1963) by Salvador Dali
"I wish it to be known that in love I attach a high price to all that is commonly named perversion and vice."
―Salvador Dali (via sickboysgirl)
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Inventions of the Monsters, 1937, By Salvador Dalí 1904–1989

George Platt Lynes: Salvador Dali, 1939

Salvador Dali & Amanda Lear

Salvador Dali - Photo: Rex
Man Ray: A man in love with a woman from a different era. I see a photograph!
Luis Buñuel: I see a film!
Gil Pender: I see insurmountable problem!
Salvador Dalí: I see rhinoceros!
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Salvador Dali - Hugh Sanco

The Surrealist Group.

Apenas na pose
Jovem Dalí